The reunion story

Back in 2012, we retreated to England's countryside and attended an event called David's Tent. Think Pride and Prejudice meets music festival for Jesus.We fell in the love with the people, the place, and the weekend experience. It got us thinking—Why doesn't this happen in the US?

So in 2016, we put our spin on it and gave it a shot. With many logistics still in the works, we uploaded a little video of us standing around a campfire, inviting you to join us on a farm outside Nashville for a little thing called Reunion. The details were vague at best. To our shock, all the tickets sold within two hours of announcing it. You took us up on the ambiguous invitation. Thank you for your faith in us.

You came from all over the country—some further still. The farm was beautiful, the weather crisp and clear. You brought your hearts, your questions, and your passion to pursue Jesus together. It was unforgettable.

Come early October, we'll be gathering on the farm again. This year, we're taking an extra day off together and making room for more brothers and sisters. You are invited to join us. Think of it as the biggest family reunion you'll ever attend.

- Nathan (co-founder & drummer of United Pursuit)